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Project Onyx

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As featured on sites such as, we bring you our first high performance computer made out of LEGO bricks.

This is not a joke!

This is a high performance, custom built computer made out of top of the line computer parts, in a custom case made out of LEGO bricks.

Everything is installed, patched and ready to go. This computer scores just over 3300 on 3dmark05 and is an excellent machine for computer gaming. We are starting the bidding at half the cost of parts and LEGO bricks, not including labor. Want more information? The official website is currently at

Happy bidding


Q) A computer out of LEGO bricks? Won't it fall apart or melt?
A) The case is sturdy and will not fall apart unless dropped or mishandled. Shipping, a lego computer has not been done before, consider this a 'case' study. Hopefully everything will go right as bubble wrap is pretty resilient. However, in the event anything goes wrong, we will work to fix any minor issues that occur in shipping over the phone or email. If anything major goes wrong, we are fully responsible and will pay for return shipping, fix it and send it back.
Q) Are you associated with LEGO officially
A) NO! LEGO is a trademark of its owner. This is simply a case made out of LEGO blocks and is not associated with it any way. This was a project started out of love in free time. Some people asked where they could buy one and this is the result.
Q) Why is this computer so expensive?
A) The bricks themselves were approximately $150 and all of the parts are top of the line.
Q) Do you have any more pictures?
A) Yes. There are 26 pictures available of the computer.

Our cost:

ACCES FAN GUARD| FOR 80MM FAN%           3       $1.25       $3.75
ACCES FAN GUARD| FOR 120MM FAN%          1       $1.99       $1.99
CD MS|WIN XP PRO w/SP2 %                 1       $136.99     $136.99
Subtotal                                                     $142.73
Tax                                                          $11.78
Shipping and Handling charge                                 $6.19
Amount Paid                                                  $160.70

M PANEL|ENEMAX UC-9FATR2B BK RT          1       $43.49      $43.49
Subtotal                                                     $43.49
Tax                                                          $3.59
Shipping and Handling charge                                 $4.99
Amount Paid                                                  $52.07

ACCES FAN|THBLADE 80 A1910 BL TT RT       1      $6.49       $6.49
ACCES FAN|THBLADE120 A1926 BL TT RT       1      $10.49      $10.49
POWER SUPPLY|ASPIRE ATX-MR450W SLVR       1      $49.00      $49.00
CPU AMD 64 |3000+ ATHLON 939P 90 RT       1      $155.00     $155.00
DDRAM512MB CORSAR64X64 VS512MB400 R       2      $62.67      $125.34
HD 200GB|WD 7200 WD2000JD 8MB             1      $117.19     $117.19
Subtotal                                                     $463.51
Tax                                                          $38.24
Shipping and Handling charge                                 $18.25
Amount Paid                                                  $520.00

ATI X200 PGA939 MAX-4GB MATX              1      $85.59      $85.59
GFFORCE 6600GT PCIEXPRESS                 1      $180.18     $180.18
SUBTOTAL                                                     $265.77
SALES TAX                                                    $21.93
SHIPPING                                                     $8.09
ORDER TOTAL                                                  $295.79

Purchased locally:
CD-RW/DVDROM                                                 $40
LEGOS                                                        $140

Grand Total: $1208.56

Legal stuff

All parts are warrantied by their original manufacturers. Except for damage in shipping, we can not be held responsible for breakage. Everything mentioned is trademarked by someone else.