Dorian's Lego Computers

Case 3

o answer some people that seemed to think that I could make money out of this (ha!) I decided to try and come up with a system to be able to access the innards to change out or upgrade parts. Designing and building the door literally took almost an entire week or 2 hours or so each day. I would build it up, and then at some point, it would shatter as it had zero structural rigidity at all.

The initial design was to have the lit fan in the middle of the door, with spokes radiating out to the outside frame, and then plexiglass in between the spokes. The first piece I cut survived, but after that, I decided to use a pattern of legos and give up. The door just would not stay together using the spoke idea. Possibly if I used glue I could get away with it, but half the fun was taking things back apart and improving the idea. It was also looking at this case that I realized (after I disassembled it) that I could build "down" as well as building "up".

lego 4 life open side view closed side view back angle view front angle view open top view open side with door view